Will Online Gambling Ever Be Legal?

  • Jun 16, 2020

This question is all about relative situations, for a number of countries like the United Kingdom, gambling is not outright banned, and you can enjoy many gambling services. In places like the US, the laws are tougher. But what about those in South Africa? Here we discuss the legalities of online gambling.

Gambling Online in South Africa

When it comes to gambling in South Africa, there are two laws, one pertains to the rights of land-based gambling and the other to online gambling. When it comes to the online gambling laws for South African players the rules are simple, you CAN gamble online without infringing any laws as long as the casino is registered outside of South Africa.

There are casinos within the South African borders that hold land-based licensed and then made online services available and suddenly became illegal because they are still registered as a SA company. What you will find is that all online casinos that are legally compatible with the laws come from Europe.

At this site you can enjoy your time playing in any number of casinos listed on their site. These are casinos that have been registered abroad and have been legally approved by the National Gaming Board in Africa.

The laws of gambling online are pretty much identical no matter where you are in the world. The issue surrounding online casinos is that you either make the best rules you possibly can to support players joining a safe site, which is already on a platform that is hard to govern, or you leave people to their own devices and put them at risk of joining illegal websites.

The law is a happy medium, as no government can fully control what players and Internet user’s access, the law is there to simply guide them. The case of illegal and legal will only ever reflect upon the casino itself and not the players. So, to get the best start with the right online casino click here and take a pick of reputable sites that meet the requirements of a casino that is open to the SA market.

The Future of Online Casinos

So, will online gambling ever be legal? Well, it already is in South Africa and for many in a situation around the world where it is not, it soon will be. Gambling online is now big business and the revenue it can create goes into the billions if handled correctly by the government.

People power will always dictate and because there is no way of stopping players from accessing sites online, it is better to control with laws than to push people into riskier scenarios.

As the digital age expands further year on year, the appeal of gambling online will increase as technology adapts and changes to find new and better ways of obtaining and supporting these games. The current online boom would not be in the position it finds itself in if it had not been for the mobile smartphone. In 2017, the mobile over-took the desktop as the main source and device which players used to gamble online. This result of 64% over the desktop shows that technology also dictates where casinos are going and so far, the likelihood is that Virtual Reality casinos will become a thing of real power in attractive gameplay, that casinos online will only get more popular in the coming decade ahead.