Legal online blackjack in South Africa

  • Jan 22, 2021

Online blackjack players in South Africa can look forward to some legit action as new casinos have entered the gambling market. To see how the online gambling market has opened up in South Africa and the various blackjack games that can now legally be played, see here { }

What is online blackjack?

Before the name 'blackjack' became known, the game was actually called 'Twenty-One'. The origin of blackjack can be traced back to the 1600s where it was written about by the same author that wrote Don Quixote. The rules of the game has not changed much since.

Online blackjack is merely the same game of 'twenty-one' but is offered via computer software and delivered over the Internet to an online casino where the player plays it. The game has been popular in land-based casinos for decades and this popularity continued when online casinos came about.

What are the rules of blackjack?

The main objective of blackjack is for the player to get a hand value better than that of the dealer without going over 21. In olden times a 'blackjack' result was when the player got an Ace of spades together with a Jack of spades or clubs - a black jack.

The rules of modern blackjack has been relaxed so that a 'blackjack' is now an Ace together with any face card regardless of the suit. The basic rules still remain the same and the player or dealer goes bust when their hand totals go over 21.

How is the blackjack gameplay?

The game starts when the player places his bet. This bet can vary depending on the table limit. Once the bet is placed, the player receives two cards face up and the dealer also receives two cards, one remains face down. At this point the player needs to make decisions.

After considering his two cards and the one dealer up card, the player can start applying his blackjack strategy. The player can either 'hit' (ask for additional cards) or 'stand' (keep his dealt cards). There are also additional actions that can be taken based on the variant of blackjack played.

Additional blackjack actions

In addition to the initial decisions of 'hit' or 'stand' there are additional decisions that the player can make depending on his initial hand dealt. 'Double up' - The player doubles his bet, receives only one more card to aim to take him closer to 21.

Another option is to 'split'. If the player is dealt a pair, he can choose the split the hand. In effect the initial bet is replicated for the new hand and each will face its own hit or stand decisions. Certain variants of blackjack allows for subsequent splitting of hands.

Legal online blackjack coming to South Africa

With the prospect facing the South African blackjack players of hundreds of new blackjack games of all types and varieties, he needs to adequately prepare himself and brush up on the rules of blackjack and learn some form of basic online blackjack strategy. Downloading a strategy chart will help.

If he does some research into the new online casinos to gauge their legitimacy, he can be assured of many entertaining hours of safe and secure blackjack play with the promises of some decent payouts in ZAR along the way. What a time to be alive!


Play Blackjack in South Africa – Online casinos are coming!